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Chamet iPA


Chamet iPA

Is your life boring? Need some interesting friends? Want to do something funny and meaningful? Chamet is what you are looking for!
Chamet is a live streaming app, which allows you to make friends from all over the world. With our advanced HD technology, you can communicate with strangers like face to face anytime and anywhere. It's a great way to eliminate social phobia and understand different cultures! Chat with people and make your time valuable.
Meet new friends with Chamet now! Click to open the world for you!

Chamet is superb for the following features:
○ Chat with Strangers
- You can make friends with people anywhere in the world.
○ 100% Authenticity of Streamers Guaranteed
- We crack down on fake photos strictly.
- All the streamers are online in real time.
○ Smooth and High Quality Experience
- Strong technical support ensures smooth live streaming with no network delay.
- HD (High Definition) live room make it easier to know each other clearly.
○ Personalized Beauty Effects & Incredible Filters
- You can personalize the beauty effects to make yourself look prettier.
- There are a variety of filters to make your live streaming more interesting.
○ Real-Time Translation
- No worries about language barrier for we have useful real-time translation.
○ Select Streamers from Different Countries
- You can chat with strangers from the country you like.
○ Quick and Easy Login
- Use Facebook, Google or Phone to fast log into Chamet and start live video chatting with one click.
○ Follow Stars & Send Gifts in live room and text chat
- Chamet offers a list of popular stars, so you can follow them as you like.
- You can send gifts to your favorite streamers to show your adoration.

■ Live Room Tips:
- Use our beauty effects to make you look more handsome or beautiful!
- Upload your good-looking poster to show yourself, bring yourself more followers, become famous like stars. Video poster will help you get more chances.

■ Chamet requests the following permissions:
- Camera: Video calling, taking and saving profile pictures
- Microphone: Delivering sound during video calls
- Location: Used for location-based matching
- Photo Library: Sending photos to your friends
- Notification: To stay up to date with friends requests, messages and video calls

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Chamet ipa