Top Widgets-万能小组件 iPA

Top Widgets-万能小组件 iPA

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Top Widgets provides plenty of widgets, app icons, and wallpapers for users to personalize their home screen like never before.

Making widgets has never been this easier and enjoyable. With Top Widgets, you only take a few seconds to choose from large number of widgets which are prepared by professional designers and put them on your home screen. By the way, you can also DIY your own widgetsmith with plenty of tools such as the change frame color, fonts, widget style and so much more.

Top Widgets is more than widgets. Top Widgets also includes aesthetic and pre-made icon packs and a great variety of high quality wallpapers, which will be updated on a daily basis.

The old way to change icons by downloading icon picture and using Sharecuts app to change one by one is a waste of time and out of date. With Top widgets, There is ONLY TWO STEPS which take less than 30 seconds to change default icons:
1、Choose your favorite icons from a wide collection of icon packs;
2、Click "install" button and allow the installation.
After installation, all the icons are on your home screen.

Transparent widget is a new way to make your own marvelous home screen. Using transparent widgets will not obstruct wallpapers, and you can have the complete wonderful experience of widgets.

Finally, Here's a wide choice of widgets that we have:
● Photos, Photos in Album, Photos with analog frame
● Time, Date & Battery
● Countdown/Commemoration Day
● Quick Launchers
● Daily, Hourly, & Current Weather
● Calendar
● Analog Clock
● Quotes for Today
● Calendar with Events
● Reminders
● Step Count/Pedometer & Calorie Count
There are many more widgets waiting for you to discover.

Track your health data!
Top Widgets integrates the Apple Health App and displays health data in widgets.
If you want to use the step count widget, please allow the APP to obtain health-related data when adding

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