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MonokaiToolkit No Ads iPA



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MonokaiToolkit No Ads iPA
MonokaiToolkit No Ads iPA
MonokaiToolkit No Ads iPA
MonokaiToolkit No Ads iPA

MonokaiToolkit is a free application that provides you with a powerful set of tools to help you experience and manage Facebook in the best way.
The application is compatible with all devices that support the Javascript ES6 standard.
The application does not store any information about the user. However, Your account may be occurred checkpoint if you log in with your Facebook account. To avoid it, please login with QR. We are not responsible for the checkpoint of your account being scanned by Facebook.

There are several interesting features that enhance the user's experience of using Facebook:
** Upload long story
Supports users in posting stories longer than the usual limit that Facebook allows, helping them fully share interesting moments.
** Download Facebook Video
This feature allows users to download videos from Facebook posts by providing its URL. It is a useful feature to help the user store important moments.
** Unseen message
Allows users to read other people's messages without showing "seen" status.
** Unseen story
Allows users to see stories of friends that are not visible in the "seen" list.
** Download story
allows users to download friends' stories and helps them save meaningful moments.
** Get Friend’s ID Facebook
provides users with the ID of any account in their friends' list.
** Top Interaction
Ranks and lists the people who interact with the user the most. It shows who is most actively engaged in interactions.
** Top message
This feature gives users a ranking list of those who messaged them the most.
** Avatar Guard
This feature prevents other users from downloading or copying a user's avatar.
Users should turn it on!
** Set posts private
This feature allows users to change the privacy mode for Facebook posts based on timelines.
** Delete all posts
Supports users in easily deleting all posts over time with just one click.
** Remove non-interactive friends
This feature assists in displaying a list of the people least interacting with the user. Users can bulk delete their less engaged friends to improve Facebook engagement.
** Delete all friends
Supports unfriending all users in the user's friend's list in seconds.

** Unfollow all friends
Supports unfollowing all friends in the friend's list, helping users clean up their newsfeed.

** Clean up friend requests
Help deny or accept a series of friend requests with ease.
** Scan comments
This feature provides comment statistics of a post. It supports users in finding duplicate comments and hiding negative comments on posts.
** Scan Liked Pages
This feature supports displaying a list of pages that the user's friends have liked.
** Scan joined Groups
This feature supports displaying the list of Groups that the user's friends have joined.

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